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In How IBroke Freefrom the Spirit of Homosexuality: My Testimony of Deliverance, Shantell Williams exposes the spirit of homosexuality and the lies the enemy uses to keep God's people in bondage. Ostracized, bewitched, and belittle, she suffered from rejection and an identity crisis. She sought acceptance in ungodly outlets that included alcohol, nightclubs, and women. The enemy reinforced his lies in her life, masked her in an evil identity, and led her into some dark places. Shantell experienced  relationship cycles of spiritual, physical, and mental abuse that almost left her numb to the saving power of Jesus Christ. Bound by the spirit of homosexuality for seventeen years, it was not until Shantell activated three key spiritual strategies that she was able to break free. Her testimony is encouraging and shows those in bondage that, through forgiveness, repentance and a total surrender, they too can break free.

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